We should probably talk about death.

Your care, how you want it.

Who are we

Guaranteed is a care company that makes tough moments easier. By blending at-home treatment with cutting-edge technology, we’re here to deliver care how you want it.

What we are doing

We're launching Guaranteed Hospice to address an area that concerns us all yet modern medicine often neglects: death.

Guaranteed Hospice wants to give everyone the end-of-life they wish for through better care for the dying and the grieving.

Let's talk about death.

Your Relationship to Death

Jessica's Story

Guaranteed is personal to us.

After her dad faced a series of heart attacks and a two-week stay in the hospital, our founder Jessica McGlory heard what millions of Americans are told every year: that he was recommended to enter hospice. Hospice was new to her, but the difficult experience she and her family went through is what led her to create Guaranteed. Together, we’re here to make difficult moments easier by providing the best care experience possible—one she didn’t get to have with her dad.